Only some of the 1300 drawings in the full collection are available from this website.

Drawings by James Lomax Simpson (1882-1977), Ernest Prestwich (1889-1977), William Naseby Adams (1887-1952) and W. P. Horsburgh (1874-1958) are still subject to copyright and are not available on this website. You can search for drawings by these designers in the full catalogue, click here to download, and request them by emailing the relevant archive.

James Lomax Simpson designed Jubilee Arch and Garden, the sunken garden in The Diamond and the boating pond after William Lever’s death. Photograph copyright PSVT, 2019.


James Lomax Simpson

James Lomax Simpson was the most prolific Port Sunlight architect. He was the son of William Lever’s childhood friend Jonathan Simpson (1850-1937) and also Lever’s godson. In 1905 he set up a private architectural practice, but by 1910 he became head architect for Lever Brothers. By 1917 he was a director of the company, leading Lever Brothers’ and later Unilever’s Architecture Departments.

Lomax Simpson was responsible for the existing design of The Diamond. He designed all the housing in this area, the sunken rose garden, boating pond, war memorial, Leverhulme memorial and Jubilee Garden. He and his team also designed:

  • Jubilee Crescent at the southwest end of The Diamond
  • The Ginnel
  • Duke of York Cottages
  • 1920s housing on Greendale Road and Windy Bank.

After the Second World War, Lomax Simpson oversaw the rebuilding work and contributed to the earliest phase of work to refurbish the houses for modern living.


Mid-twentieth-century modernisation work at a terrace on Bebington Road, c. 1960. Reproduced with kind permission from Unilever, plc from an original in Unilever Archives.


Drawn Together Catalogue

Although you will not find digital copies of Lomax Simpson, Prestwich, Adams or Horsurgh’s drawings on this website, you can search for their drawings in the Drawn Together catalogue, download here. Each catalogue reference will include the name of the relevant archive, reference number and date (if known) for the work.

Drawn Together brings together collections of Port Sunlight drawings from four significant archives. Please email the relevant archive to request a copy and make sure that you include collection references. Enquiries are answered subject to the collection holder’s availability.

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